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Books Over The World

Dear friends all over the world,

I am happy and excited to share with you our Charity support to our Maasai People and community children, to help them learn and get a good education in Tanzania.

We now have the support of my brother in Lord, Brother Chris Pope from Oklahoma, USA! This guy is very blessed, humble with love. I met with him last two years in Morogoro when he came with a good team of friends to work and help us people in Morogoro for medical support.

We had a chance to talk and share a lot about our communities, the challenge that we are facing in acquiring education.

My passion is education and we reflected on the whole process of life transition of the community through education and life in general. He decided to think on how to help and so started to raise and collect books and ship here to us in Tanzania.

books for massai children tanzania

These books will be used to teach our beautiful kids, we are so excited and lucky to receive the box of books as you can see the big smile on their faces! We are praying for more support so more of our younger sisters and brothers can to to school and learn.

books for tanzania

In addition to the books support, we are in need of financial assistance that to get good and professional teachers who will help and work with local teachers to teach these children at Matebete village. The NOPADEO women group are very happy for their children to get this opportunity  learn for good educational foundation.

Please contribute anything or through Chris Pope:<

2723 S Pioneer Trail< Stillwater,OK 74074 >A single dollar means a lot to these kids. Go bless you all and WELCOME / KARIBU SANA.

Or contact me: 
Kishumu Parkepu Kurupashi- NOPADEO Coordinator, or Call/WhatsApp+255 782 504 772.or
Email me at:<

Help us to reach all Nomadic Pastoralists in Tanzania Mainland of Africa to assist them in adjusting in today’s modern and fast changing world.

Our vision is to see that nomadic pastoralist communities are settled and can benefit from social services and all human rights.