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Edward P. Siloma

Rev. Paulo Ole Kurupashi
NOPADEO Director

Madumba Sepelwa
Former Chairman
Paulo Kurupashi
Kishumu Parkepu
NOPADEO Coordinator

Baraka Ngekee

Mariam Tisho
Assistant Treasurer

Enelesi Eliakimu
Assistant Secretary

Boriyai Kimjaa

Musa Philipo
Group Coordinator
Members from Nopadeo Office in Matebete village
Pastor Paulo Ole Kurupashi with other NOPADEO representatives
Maasai in a meeting discussing land and other issues in a Matebete village.

Help us to reach all Nomadic Pastoralists in Tanzania Mainland of Africa to assist them in adjusting in today’s modern and fast changing world.

Our vision is to see that nomadic pastoralist communities are settled and can benefit from social services and all human rights.