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Help Needed For Naomi

Naomi Lopina is a girl (16) studying in Namnyak secondary school in Iringa form two class, the teachers told her to go back home in Dodoma to get school fees for her studies since her parents had not paid the school fees.

When she got home her father told her to wait until he could get her the school fees. But after two weeks, Naomi one day saw two young boys “Morans” bringing six cows as pride price for her, Naomi did not wait she ran away from her home, to escape from getting married.

Naomi got support from her mother to run away from home, but her mother failed to help Naomi with the school fees – only for bus fare to run to her relatives in Iringa.

Most Maasai women don’t own cattle – all cows belong to men, so cows are not a source of income for her.

Naomi and her mother are crying for help to support Naomi study and because Naomi love to go to school and she is still too young to be married at this age of 16 – which is also against the National Law.

Naomi’s father called his wife by phone that she should find another home because they can’t stay in one house unless Naomi is back, so Naomi’s mother also ran away and now she is in an unknown place. She can call people by phone but she can’t tell exactly where she is because she fears to be caught by her husband.

I met with Naomi in her relative’s homes and spoke to her and with her mother by phone and also with her father. The father said he can’t help Naomi for studies, for bus transport to school, for food, exercise books, or even to pay for a single pen. Instead he insist that Naomi should come back home to get married. Naomi refused to go back home and she doesn’t know who is going to marry her.

Pray for Naomi and pray for Maasai girls and Maasai women who are voiceless people in Maasai community. Naomi asking for help for her studies her school costs is about $865 (US Dollars), school fees and books and transport.

Buying the Maasai women group jewelry helps other Maasai girls eductaion and with Maasai women empowerment. This is the areas NOPADEO Organization working!

Rev Paulo Ole Kurupashi, Coordinator
God bless you all.

Help us to reach all Nomadic Pastoralists in Tanzania Mainland of Africa to assist them in adjusting in today’s modern and fast changing world.

Our vision is to see that nomadic pastoralist communities are settled and can benefit from social services and all human rights.