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Namnyaki Secondary School is a special school established, owned and operated by a Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organization known as Namnyaki Maasai Girls and women Organization (NAMGWO). This organization is official registered under NGOS registration Act and its Reg no is: – 00NGO/00008095 and the Registration date is 5th of August 2015.

NAMNYAKI SECONDARY SCHOOL also is official registered in the year 2016 and its registration no is, S. 4963 and examination center no is S. 5542.

The School is located in Iringa Region of Southern Tanzania, Kilolo district – in Image ward. The school was built in the tiny village of Kilala-Kidewa, at the foot of Mt. Selebu, a beautiful location with clean water, a comfortable climate, and lush farm fields.  It provides a safe and supportive boarding-school.


The Maasai and other Pastoralists communities in Tanzania like Barbaiqw, Sukuma and other livestock keepers communities especially in Southern Part of Tanzania still living in their former nomadic traditional ways of life and depend only on livestock keeping as only way of economy in this fast changing world. Most of Pastoralists were evicted and removed from their original settlements to allow farming growing of crops, expansion of National Parks and contractions of modern towns due to increase of population and the Pastoralists found no enough places for keeping their cattle as their main source of income so many Maasai men ran away from their families because of poverty they can’t take care of their families.

Among other reasons like cultural ways of life the Maasai and other pastoralist’s people girls are forced into early marriage and never have an opportunity to pursue education beyond primary school.

Many of the girls at the school come from families that are unable to pay the cost of tuition, room, and board. In some cases, the girls have run away from forced (illegal) marriages to older men, so they have no financial support. Because the school is tuition dependent, it often struggles to pay its teachers, buy books and other materials, and plan for long term upkeep of the facilities.

The school is thriving in terms of providing a safe, welcoming, and educationally enriching environment for students.

Other factors affecting pastoralist’s girls are failure to get good qualifications for further studies, Poor studying environments at home and village primary schools and high schools grades from other schools.


This Organization is created by a group of educated Maasai and other good friends and good educational stakeholders seeking to empower Maasai and other Pastoralists girls and women in educational and economic opportunities and bring hope to their lives and provides need-based scholarships to students at the Namnyaki Girls Secondary School. The full cost of tuition, room, and board for one student is about $500 per year for four (4) years. Your Donation today for school fees and other contributions shall bring very positive and blessing change in Maasai societies and other Pastoralists girls and shall make the school build good kitchen, good dining hall and good classrooms, good laboratory and buy good food for students and make them feel good.

Your material support like teaching equipment like books, computers are highly appreciated. We believe your support provides the school with a degree of financial stability, while also encouraging sustainability and self-dependency.

We also believe in the mission of the school. It is a safe, supportive, culturally enriching space for Maasai girls (as well as girls from other cultural backgrounds who choose to attend). As they sharpen their academic skills, the girls are also building confidence, developing independent identities, and exploring various possible futures for them.

Please consider a donation. 100% of your money will go toward need-based scholarships for students at the school.


Volunteer’s workers and teachers are very invited to teach subjects like English, Mathematics and other science subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

For further communication and support, conduct:-

Chairperson Namnyaki Maasai Girls and Women Organization, (NAMGWO) and Namnyaki Secondary School Director- Rev Paulo Ole Kurupashi.


Or Call/WhatsApp:-+255756302539

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Help us to reach all Nomadic Pastoralists in Tanzania Mainland of Africa to assist them in adjusting in today’s modern and fast changing world.

Our vision is to see that nomadic pastoralist communities are settled and can benefit from social services and all human rights.