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New Nursery School and Secondary School Request

Currently the Maasai must borrow and rent a house for nursery kids to start learning in English to prepare for future learning at the Medium School in the Matebete village. Books and educational materials are received by donations from USA.

An EDUCATIONAL CENTER is a now a dream of the Maasai: to build a Nursery and Secondary School in the Matebete village, which is located in the Mbarali District Mbeya Region.

Why These New Early Learning Schools Are Needed

nursery and middle school needed for maasai in tanzania
The future of the Maasai in Tanzania is uncertain as they are rapidly losing their land and traditional way of living.

This idea came after eviction and displacement again of Maasai and other Pastoralists and Farmers in Mbarali District to allow the expansion of National Parks. 

This is a very sad situation because the Maasai fear to loose their ancestral land, their cows and their cultural form of life.

The Maasai also fear the displacement because the livestock keeping is the main way of source of income but if the land is taken by the government and investors then our lives became very hard especially for old people children and women.

The Maasai and other Pastoralists are forced to move from their villages to unknown areas, no places prepared for the people and their cattle to go and stay so it is very hard for them to decide and this resulted other Pastoralists to go to the court if they can stop this eviction exercise. 

Education is the Future For The Maasai

help needed for educating maasai children in tanzania
These are some of the kids at one of small buildings we borrow to use to teach them during the rain season.

Not many Maasai people knows farming and grow crops neither other trained skills so the short and long plan is dreaming on Good Education for children girls and boys so that they may have another alternatives of living in future. 

For the present situation of stress, not many of Maasai are able to contribute for construction of school buildings. So we request you for Prayerful support and contributions towards the construction of this NOPADEO NURSERY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL IN MATEBETE VILLAGE, for helping to educate the young children of Nomadic Pastoralists of the Maasai and Barbaigw Communities.

Contact Us To Help The Maasi Educational Dream!

(Shirika la Maendeleo kwa Wafugaji Wahamaji)

P.O.BOX  160
Chimala, Mbarali. Mbeya. TZ.
Phone +255756302539/+255764181505

Cost of This Dream

We have completed the blueprint and preliminary plans and have determined our specific needs for the new Nursery and Secondary School requirements:

  • 2 building are needed for nursery school
  • 2 buildings of two rooms each are needed for secondary School
  • 2 buildings for dormitory for girls
  • 2 buildings for boys
  • 1 administration block
  • 1 dining hall
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms for girls and boys

Therefore, $20,000 each for 13 buildings means that we need $260,000 for construction for Nopadeo Nursery and Secondary School. But the construction of the school can start by one building of $20,000.

There are few Maasai Teachers who can teach the students in Matebete who graduated from Universities who are not employed.

We value your contribution and God bless you all to be part of support of those innocent people. We welcome all to plan for a visit to Mbarali District Matebete village!

Thank you,
Rev Paulo Ole Kurupashi – Director

Original sketch of educational building for Maasai children (2023)

Help us to reach all Nomadic Pastoralists in Tanzania Mainland of Africa to assist them in adjusting in today’s modern and fast changing world.

Our vision is to see that nomadic pastoralist communities are settled and can benefit from social services and all human rights.